Epic Returns

At the helm

Returning to a life on shore comes with a “sea” of procrastination.  (See what I did there?  That one is for Nina, the lover of bad puns…).  After weeks of nothing but endless horizon it’s hard to bounce back into the world of cell phones, computes, and blogging.  Lately, I have been bad at all of them, something I realize I don’t mind neglecting because one of the true beauties of life aboard the ship is the distance between yourself and old habits.  How many land-lubbering days have I wasted on the internet, squandering my own moments of real life while observing cyber projections of others?  Too many for sure, yet the cultural claws of society keeps me within its grasp, constantly luring me back immediately upon my return.  Resist I try but it’s like an addiction and that is where the Corwith Cramer becomes my sanctuary.  It’s a lullaby of swells and stars and gentle reminders that life is being lived and these moments are an adventure. Go outside and do something to make today memorable.  As Darlene would say “this is you life, not a dress rehearsal”. Drive fast and take chances!



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2 responses to “Epic Returns

  1. Glad your back, hope to see you soon !


  2. Barbara Young

    This is so true, Ashley! When we are home, or wherever, and the Internet is available, we tend to waste our days instead of living them. We all deal with that same clawing that draws us to read what others are ‘doing”.


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