Holiday Workshop: Rosette Apple Pie with Bacon

If you are looking for a reason to skip work tomorrow, well… this pie is it!

Rosette Apple Pie

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so why not get a jump on dessert with this impressive Rosette Apple Pie with Bacon. Does is taste as good as it looks? Who cares! This little biddy is a stunner and will be the talk of the table all night. And yes, of course it tastes good! Come on people, pie with bacon? Tasty is a no-brainer but seriously, would you look at this thing?!!! This is glorious kitchen craftsmanship and you get to be the star.

Tomorrow from 10 AM to 3 PM at KAM Appliances in Hyannis along with Miele International, culinary school will be in session. This is a FREE WORKSHOP so don’t hesitate calling in sick. A case of the Mondays never looked so good.

Things to bring:

  • 8 large apples (gala, honeycrisp or anything with red skin)
  • 1 pie plate (so you can take your gem home)

Everything else will be provided so come on over and lets get cooking. There is no “official” start times so you can drop in when you want just know that the process can take few hours so plan accordingly.

Event details:

  • Time: 10 AM to 3 PM
  • Location: KAM Appliances- 201 Yarmouth Rd, Barnstable, MA 02601
  • Cost: Free

How ya like them apples?

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Bread: A Love Story

As a chef, people often ask what my favorite thing to make is in which I always reply “bread.”  Then comes the intrigue, like that was not what they were expecting me to say.  I usually babble on about the tactile process of bread and something about how shaping dough and molding it in my hands is comforting.  Folks nod in agreement, mostly confused but then the conversation often takes a turn to a topic more mutually relatable for all, that is except for when I met a man that we shall call “Dan.”  Dan was right there with me in talks of bread, discussing technique, ingredients, fermentation, etc…  Finally, someone cared about bread!

And lets just pause for a moment and talk about Dan.  The great thing about Dan is that he started dating a good friend of mine.  Lets call her “Julie.”  Julie is the best but we all know the ills a new man can bring to girl-friend time.  Depending on the situation you can be really excited for said friend’s new happiness or disappointed that they are moving on without you, dating a loser, or just gone to the way of someone you no longer see enough.  Well, sizing up the situation I could tell Dan was a keeper!  He was into bread, goes surfing, gardens, builds stuff, bakes pies?! I know… dreamy right?  But here is the best part.  At one point I asked Dan about  how he came to be passionate about bread baking and that’s when the real precious unfolded.  He said he use to suffer from insomnia, often awaking in the middle of the night and unsure of how to pass those hours so he took to baking bread. Lots of bread.  Years of bread.  Until… he met Julie!

He couldn’t sleep though the night until he met Julie!!!  Is that not freakin’ precious?!  The story was just so sweet and tender that if I too didn’t love both Julie and bread I think I might have vomited right there on him.

Fast forward a few years and the whole Dan and Julie thing led to marriage and no doubt to a bun in the oven.  For me and bread, well yes, we obviously have a storybook ending.  Just ask me about my Baby Bjorn bundle with the softest, sweetest Brioche peaking out.  So to anyone out there whom ever wonders where their passion may lead, take comfort in knowing that love finds love and life can come with a perfect cherry on top!

Christina Family1

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Holiday Fun for Everyone!

Come get your holiday DIY fix in Hyannis, MA on Saturday, April 19th from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM at KAM Appliances where bread baking and egg dying is going to make your Pinterest page jealous.  I mean bread, yeah…  You should know by now that it will be fun, amazing and delicious, but egg dying you say?  That is a yes!  While your breads rise and bake you and the kids can make Easter eggs with all-natural vegetable dyes putting the days of those PAAS dye pellets behind you.  Come experiment and enjoy the fun!


This class is free and open to the public with donations happily being accepted.  The address is:

KAM Appliances

201 Yarmouth Road

Hyannis, MA 02601

Did I mention the kickin’ kitchen/glamour oven?!!!  It’s not every day you get to cook loaves in a hearth oven.  No seriously.  You should see this thing!

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Wood Deed

photo (12)Bread gets most of the attention around here however tomorrow is all about the wood!  At 5:30 pm  tomorrow night in Yarmouth one of these spoons will be auctioned off at  the Cape Cod “Through Our Eyes”  art expo that will be taking place at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod.  The address is:

307 Old Main Street

South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Come out and support a good cause.  The event is sponsored by AmeriCorps Cape Cod and 100% of the proceeds will go towards a variety of community service projects that directly benefit the environment and ecology within the towns of Barnstable County.  See you there!

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Another Class for Grain & Grain

flyer photoSeeing flyers like this all around town makes me smile.  I am loving the interest and the good news is I have a new class starting in Bourne at Upper Cape Tech on February 24th.  It is another 4 week session and you can register and get all the details right here.  Do it, do it, do it!

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Upcoming Class: Grain & Grain- a tactile exploration of flour and wood

Listen up Cape Cod!  Starting January 23rd, 2014 I will be running a 4 week class on Thursday nights at Cape Cod Tech in Harwich, MA, bringing  the glory of baking artisan breads and wooden spoon carving to those of you who sign-up. The class is limited to 8 people so get on your DIY resolutions and make this happen!  Wait what?  You are going gluten-free?  Ugh, how do I say this?   Umm… yeah, gluten-free is so 2013…   Get with the times people and learn skills of self-sufficiency!  

The cost is $160 and includes all materials and you will take home a new artisan bread each week and at the end of the course you will have also carved your own wooden spoon.   I know, I know.   It’s like Home Ec. for grown-ups!  Kick your year off right and take a class in awesome!


PS- Anna, Liz?  I know GF is the real deal for you guys but if you just weren’t so freaking cool all the time maybe GF wouldn’t be so trendy and bakers could make a living!  Sheash….

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Upcoming Class: The Basics of Bread Baking 9/14/13

Bread FlyerIn partnership with Knoll Farm I will be running a basic bread baking class next Saturday but space is limited so sign-up early!  It’s going to be a fun afternoon with light hors d’ oeuvres, lots of  hands-on practice and your own loaf to take home.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


10:00 am- 2:00 pm


Knoll Farm (700 Bragg Hill Road, Fayston, VT 05673)

Click here to view the original PDF.

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September 7, 2013 · 6:49 pm